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Prof Ashok Babu T. P.

Professor Refrigeration and Air conditioning, Renewable ener... View Profile

Prof Gangadharan K. V.

Professor Machine Dynamics, Vibration and its Control, Exper... View Profile

Dr S M Kulkarni

Professor Processing and Characterization Composites and San... View Profile

Prof Mohan Kumar G. C.

Professor Mechanical Design Engineering, Biomechanics Green ... View Profile

Dr S M Murigendrappa

Professor Machine Dynamics and Vibrations, Fracture Mechanic... View Profile

Dr Narendranath S

Professor Advanced Manufacturing and Technology, Machining o... View Profile

Prof Krishna Prasad

Professor CNC Machine Tools and Robot Calibration, Error com... View Profile

Dr Ravikiran Kadoli

Professor Structural Mechanics, Mechanics and Applications o... View Profile

Dr Shrikantha S Rao

Professor Reading Philosophy, Social service, Alumni Interac... View Profile

Dr H Suresh Hebbar

Professor Machine Design, Composite Materials, Tribology, Fr... View Profile

Prof Vijay H. Desai

Professor Composite Materials, Functionally Graded Materials... View Profile

Dr Prof. Narendranath S., Department of Mechanical Engineering, NITK

Professor Machining, Casting, Welding, Materials and Charact... View Profile

Dr Arun M

Associate Professor Thermal Engineering, CFD, Turbulence, Heat and Mas... View Profile

Dr Hemantha Kumar

Associate Professor Dynamics and Vibrations, Vehicle Dynamics, Conditi... View Profile

Dr Jeyaraj P

Associate Professor Mechanical Vibration, Structural Acoustics, Polyme... View Profile

Dr Ramesh M R

Associate Professor Thermal Spray Coatings, Severe Plastic Deformation... View Profile

Dr Sathyabhama A

Associate Professor Heat Transfer, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning,... View Profile

Dr Shivananda Nayaka H

Associate Professor Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, Severe Plastic... View Profile

Dr Srikanth Bontha

Associate Professor Mechanics and Materials Issues in Additive Manufac... View Profile

Dr Subhash Chandra Kattimani

Associate Professor Smart Materials and Structures, Composite Structur... View Profile

Dr Veershetty Gumtapure

Associate Professor Renewable Energy, Solar Energy Conversion, Automob... View Profile

Dr Kumar G. N.

Associate Professor Alternative fuels for IC engines, Simulation of IC... View Profile

Dr Ajay Kumar Yadav

Assistant Professor Heat transfer, Natural circulation loops, Nanoflui... View Profile

Dr Anish S

Assistant Professor Turbomachinery, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Two ... View Profile

Dr Navin Karanth P

Assistant Professor CAD, CAM, CAE, Mechatronics, Hydraulics and Pneuma... View Profile

Dr Sharnappa Joladarashi

Assistant Professor Machine Design.... View Profile

Dr D Arumuga Perumal

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering - Thermal Engineering Strea... View Profile

Dr Somasekhara Rao Todeti

Assistant Professor Engineering Design; Mechanical Design; Product Des... View Profile

Dr Sudhakar C. Jambagi

Assistant Professor Modern Manufacturing processes; Thermally sprayed ... View Profile

Dr Gnanasekaran N.

Assistant Professor Inverse Heat Transfer, Heat Transfer in Metal Foam... View Profile

Dr Ranjith M.

Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics; Immersed Boundary Me... View Profile

Dr Mrityunjay Doddamani

Assistant Professor Additive Manufacturing, Syntactic Foams, Mechanica... View Profile

Dr Suvin P. S.

Assistant Professor Sustainable Manufacturing; Traditional and Nontrad... View Profile

Dr Balan A.S.S.

Assistant Professor Precision machining; Repair and Remanufacturing; S... View Profile

Dr Arun Kumar Shettigar

Assistant Professor Friction Stir Welding/Processing; Application of A... View Profile

Dr Sahu Ranjeet Kumar

Assistant Professor Micro/Nano Machining; Nano-materials Synthesis & C... View Profile

Dr Poornesh Kumar K.

Assistant Professor Solid Mechanics, Constitutive Modeling, Computatio... View Profile

Dr Khyati Verma

Assistant Professor Impact Biomechanics, Head Trauma, Mechanical behav... View Profile

Dr Mruthyunjaya Swamy K. B.

Assistant Professor Development of Micro & Nano Devices, Systems and T... View Profile

Dr Parthasarathy P.

Assistant Professor Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Porous Media; Poro... View Profile

Dr Saurabh Chandraker

Assistant Professor Rotordynamics, Vibration, Viscoelastic Materials, ... View Profile