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Dr Suresh M Hegde

Professor (HAG) Graph Theory and Combinatorics... View Profile

Dr A Kandasamy

Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics Rheology Tribology Co... View Profile

Prof B. R. Shankar

Professor Cryptography Finite Fields Functional Analysis ... View Profile

Prof Murulidhar N N

Professor Reliability Engineering; Stochastic Process... View Profile

Prof Santhosh George

Professor Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, IIl-Posed Op... View Profile

Prof Shyam S Kamath

Professor Graph Theory; Combinatorics... View Profile

Dr Chandhini G

Associate Professor Numerical Methods – Radial Basis Function Based ... View Profile

Dr P Sam Johnson

Associate Professor Functional Analysis; Operator Theory... View Profile

Dr Pushparaj Shetty D

Associate Professor Algorithmic Graph Theory; Algorithms for Wireless ... View Profile

Dr R Madhusudhan

Associate Professor Computer Network Security; Remote User Authenticat... View Profile

Dr Sujatha D Achar

Associate Professor Numerical Analysis, Theory Of Functions Of Complex... View Profile

Dr Jidesh P

Assistant Professor Mathematical Imaging; Image Processing; Data compr... View Profile

Dr Satyanarayana Engu

Assistant Professor Partial Differential Equations... View Profile

Dr V Murugan

Assistant Professor Functional Equations Fixed Point Theory Dynamica... View Profile

Dr Vivek Sinha

Assistant Professor Real Analysis... View Profile

Dr Srinivasa Rao Kola

Assistant Professor Coloring of Graphs.... View Profile

Dr A Senthil Thilak

Assistant Professor Working on problems related to domination in graph... View Profile

Dr Falguni Roy

Assistant Professor Numerical Linear Algebra, Interval Linear Algebra,... View Profile

Dr Jothi Ramalingam

Assistant Professor Cybersecurity; Real-world Crypto Protocols; Quantu... View Profile

Dr Kedarnath Senapati

Assistant Professor Spectral Analysis; Wavelets and Signal Processing;... View Profile