Electronics and Communication Engineering

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Dr M S Bhat

Professor (HAG) RF-MEMS, Analog and Mixed Signal Design, Submicron... View Profile

Prof John D'Souza

Professor Modulation and Coding, Decoding of Block and Convo... View Profile

Prof Shripati Acharya U.

Professor Error Correcting Codes; Digital and Analog Communi... View Profile

Prof T. Laxminidhi

Professor Analog & Mixed Signal Design, Power Management Cir... View Profile

Prof Muralidhar Kulkarni

Professor Digital Communications, Wireless Sensor Networks, ... View Profile

Prof Sumam David S.

Professor Multimedia Signal Processing, Signal Compression, ... View Profile

Dr Ashvini Chaturvedi

Associate Professor Data Fusion And Aggregation In Sesnor Networks, Di... View Profile

Dr Neelawar Shekar Vittal Shet

Associate Professor Physical layer, Wireless Sensor Networks, Cellular... View Profile

Dr Ramesh M Kini

Associate Professor Digital VLSI Design, Dynamically Reconfigurable Pr... View Profile

Dr Pathipati Srihari

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Radar Signal Processing, Radar Target Tracking, an... View Profile

Ms Kalpana G Bhat

Assistant Professor Analog and Digital VLSI Design Mixed Signal Design... View Profile

Dr Prashantha H Kumar

Assistant Professor Error Control Coding, Signal Processing for Commun... View Profile

Dr Rekha S.

Assistant Professor Analog and Digital VLSI Design, Control Systems, L... View Profile

Dr Shyam Lal

Assistant Professor Digital Image Processing, Medical Imaging, Digital... View Profile

Dr Rathnamala Rao

Assistant Professor Semiconductor device modeling, VLSI design, Micro ... View Profile

Dr Deepu Vijayasenan

Assistant Professor Speech Signal Processing; Machine Learning.... View Profile

Dr B.S. Raghavendra

Assistant Professor Signal/Time series analysis; (Bio)informatics and... View Profile

Dr A. V. Narasimhadhan

Assistant Professor Medical Imaging, Digital Signal Processing, Microw... View Profile

Dr Krishnamoorthy K.

Assistant Professor Antenna Design; Reconfigurable and multiband anten... View Profile

Dr Aparna P.

Assistant Professor Multimedia Signal Processing; Microprocessors and ... View Profile

Mr B. Nagavel

Assistant Professor Computational Electromagnetics, RF and Microwave C... View Profile

Dr Mandeep Singh

Assistant Professor Optical fiber communication, Plasmonics, Nanophoto... View Profile

Dr Nikhil K. S.

Assistant Professor Semiconductor Device Modeling; Compact modeling of... View Profile

Dr Prabu K.

Assistant Professor Wireless Optical Communication (FSO, VLC, Underwat... View Profile

Dr Sandeep Kumar

Assistant Professor RF Circuit Modeling and Optimization; Millimetre ... View Profile

Dr Sushil Kumar Pandey

Assistant Professor Growth and characterization of semiconductor thin ... View Profile