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Dr B Venkatesa Perumal

Professor Power Electronics Applications In PV Renewable Ene... View Profile

Prof Gururaj S. Punekar

Professor High Voltage Engineering. Insulation engineering.... View Profile

Prof Panduranga Vittal K

Professor Power System Protection and Adaptive Relaying Tran... View Profile

Prof Shubhanga K. N.

Professor Power System Dynamics Flexible AC Transmission Sy... View Profile

Prof Udaykumar R Yaragatti

Professor Renewable Energy Resources, Power Electronics, Ene... View Profile

Dr Dattatraya N Gaonkar

Associate Professor Power System Operation and Control, Distributed Ge... View Profile

Dr Debashisha Jena

Associate Professor Power Electronics Applications In PV Renewable Ene... View Profile

Prof Rajagopala K.

Associate Professor Power systems Underground Cables Electromagnetic... View Profile

Dr Manjunatha Sharma K

Associate Professor Smart Grid Technologies With Distributed Generatio... View Profile

Dr Vinatha U

Associate Professor Power Electronics and Drives Power electronic con... View Profile

Dr Jora M Gonda

Associate Professor Computer Applications to Power Systems; Power Ele... View Profile

Dr Dharavath Kishan

Associate Professor Wireless Battery Charging; Smart transportation an... View Profile

Dr Padmavathi L.

Associate Professor Control and Power Electronics; Offshore wind energ... View Profile

Dr H Girirsha Navada

Assistant Professor Control Systems; Power Systems... View Profile

Prof Nagendrappa H

Assistant Professor Soft-Switching Power Converters Grid Integration... View Profile

Dr P Parthiban

Assistant Professor Renewable Energy Sources Drives SMPS Active... View Profile

Prof Rao I R

Assistant Professor Circuit Theory Time-Domain Operational Approach t... View Profile

Dr Y Suresh

Assistant Professor Power Electronics & Drives Performance Analysis ... View Profile

Dr Karthikeyan A.

Assistant Professor Power Electronics and Drives, Electrical Machines,... View Profile

Dr Krishnan C.M.C.

Assistant Professor Modelling of complex systems using system identifi... View Profile

Dr Tukaram Moger

Assistant Professor Grid Integration of Renewable Energy; Reactive Pow... View Profile

Dr Kalpana R

Assistant Professor Power Electronics and Drives; Application of Powe... View Profile

Dr Arun Dominic

Assistant Professor Fault Tolerance Control of electrical drives; Pow... View Profile

Dr B. Dastagiri Reddy

Assistant Professor Power electronics, Micro-grids, E-mobility, HVDC, ... View Profile

Dr Md Waseem Ahmad

Assistant Professor Fault diagnostics and condition monitoring of powe... View Profile

Dr Prajof P.

Assistant Professor Power Electronics Applications in Renewable Energy... View Profile

Dr Ravi Raushan

Assistant Professor Multilevel Inverter; Electric Drives; Renewable En... View Profile

Dr Shashidhara Mecha Kotian

Assistant Professor Power system dynamics... View Profile

Dr Vignesh Kumar V.

Assistant Professor Power electronics applications in Solar Photovolta... View Profile

Dr Yashwant Kashyap

Assistant Professor Renewable Energy Analysis; Solar Radiation Estimat... View Profile