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Prof Annappa Basava

Professor Cloud Computing, Bigdata, Distributed Computing, S... View Profile

Dr K Chandrasekaran

Professor Algorithms, Computing, Systems, Intelligence and S... View Profile

Prof P. Santhi Thilagam

Professor Data Management, Data Analysis, Data Security, Clo... View Profile

Dr Shashidhar G Koolagudi

Associate Professor Speech and Audio Processing; Image Processing; Mac... View Profile

Dr Alwyn Roshan Pais

Associate Professor IoT security protocols, WSN security and Viual cry... View Profile

Ms Vani M

Associate Professor Algorithmic Graph Theory; Algorithms for Wireless ... View Profile

Dr Mohit P Tahiliani

Assistant Professor Named Data Networks TCP Congestion Control Buffe... View Profile

Dr Mahendra Pratap Singh

Assistant Professor Information Security, Database Security.... View Profile

Dr Basavaraj Talawar

Assistant Professor Network-on-Chips, Simulation Acceleration, Paralle... View Profile

Dr M. Venkatesan

Assistant Professor Data Base; Data Science; Big Data Analytics; Spati... View Profile

Mrs Saumya Hegde

Assistant Professor Software Defined Networks; Data Center Networks ... View Profile

Dr Manu Basavaraju

Assistant Professor Graph Theory; Graph Algorithms ... View Profile

Dr B. R. Chandavarkar

Assistant Professor Heterogeneous Networks, Handover Management, Under... View Profile

Dr Jeny Rajan

Assistant Professor Image Processing, Medical Imaging, Deep Learning... View Profile

Dr Sourav Kanti Addya

Assistant Professor Cloud Computing; FOG Computing; Inter of Things (I... View Profile

Dr Biswajit R Bhowmik

Assistant Professor Network-on-Chip, Cyber-Physical Systems, Formal Ve... View Profile