Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

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Dr Jagannath Nayak

Professor and Dean Heat treatments Corrosion of MMCs Ceramics Materia... View Profile

Dr A O Surendranathan

Professor Powder Metallurgy Mechanical Metallurgy Corrosion ... View Profile

Dr K Rajendra Udupa

Professor Austempered ductile Iron Indentation Creep Austeni... View Profile

Dr K Narayan Prabhu

Professor Transport Phenomena In Materials Processing With S... View Profile

Dr Udaya Bhat K

Professor Surface Engineering (HVOF, Electrodeposition, Elec... View Profile

Dr Kumkum Banerjee

Associate professor ... View Profile

Dr Mohammad Imteyaz Ahmad

Assistant Professor Advanced Ceramics Materials Processing Energy Ma... View Profile

Dr Ravishankar K S

Assistant Professor Mechanical Behaviour of Materials,Phase Transforma... View Profile

Dr Shashi Bhushan Arya

Assistant Professor Corrosion, Passivation, Tribology, tribo-corrosion... View Profile

Dr Subray R Hegde

Assistant Professor High Temperature Materials Directional Solidifica... View Profile

Dr Mohammad Rizwanur Rahman

Assistant Professor Iron ore beneficiation of low grade Iron ore fines... View Profile

Dr Preetham Kumar G V

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr B Rajasekaran

Assistant Professor ... View Profile