Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

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Dr A O Surendranathan

Professor Powder Metallurgy Mechanical Metallurgy Corrosion ... View Profile

Dr Jagannath Nayak

Professor Heat treatments Corrosion of MMCs Ceramics Materia... View Profile

Dr K Rajendra Udupa

Professor Austempered ductile Iron Indentation Creep Austeni... View Profile

Dr K Narayan Prabhu

Professor Transport Phenomena In Materials Processing With S... View Profile

Dr Anandhan Srinivasan

Associate Professor Functional nanofibers from ceramics and polymers b... View Profile

Dr Udaya Bhat K

Associate Professor Surface Engineering (HVOF, Electrodeposition, Elec... View Profile

Dr Mohammad Imteyaz Ahmad

Assistant Professor Advanced Ceramics Materials Processing Energy Ma... View Profile

Dr Ravishankar K S

Assistant Professor Mechanical Behaviour of Materials,Phase Transforma... View Profile

Dr Shashi Bhushan Arya

Assistant Professor Corrosion, Passivation, Tribology, tribo-corrosion... View Profile

Dr Subray R Hegde

Assistant Professor High Temperature Materials Directional Solidifica... View Profile

Dr Mohammad Rizwanur Rahman

Assistant Professor Iron ore beneficiation of low grade Iron ore fines... View Profile