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Prof Gururaj S. Punekar

Professor High Voltage Engineering. Insulation engineering.... View Profile

Prof Panduranga Vittal K

Professor Power System Protection and Adaptive Relaying Tran... View Profile

Prof Shubhanga K. N.

Professor Power System Dynamics Flexible AC Transmission Sy... View Profile

Prof Udaykumar R Yaragatti

Professor Renewable Energy Resources, Power Electronics, Ene... View Profile

Prof U. Shripati Acharya

Professor Error Correcting Codes Digital and Analog Communic... View Profile

Dr B Venkatesa Perumal

Associate Professor and Head Power Electronics Applications In PV Renewable Ene... View Profile

Dr Dattatraya N Gaonkar

Associate Professor Power System Operation and Control, Distributed Ge... View Profile

Dr Debashisha Jena

Associate Professor Power Electronics Applications In PV Renewable Ene... View Profile

Prof K Rajagopala

Associate Professor Power systems Underground Cables Electromagnetic... View Profile

Dr Manjunatha Sharma K

Associate Professor Smart Grid Technologies With Distributed Generatio... View Profile

Dr Vinatha U

Associate Professor Power Electronics and Drives Power electronic con... View Profile

Dr Jora M Gonda

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr H Girirsha Navada

Assistant Professor Control Systems Power Systems... View Profile

Prof Nagendrappa H

Assistant Professor Soft-Switching Power Converters Grid Integration... View Profile

Dr P Parthiban

Assistant Professor Renewable Energy Sources Drives SMPS Active... View Profile

Prof Rao I R

Assistant Professor Circuit Theory Time-Domain Operational Approach t... View Profile

Dr Sheron Figarado

Assistant Professor Multilevel Inverters, PWM techniques, Induction ... View Profile

Dr Y Suresh

Assistant Professor Power Electronics & Drives Performance Analysis ... View Profile

Dr Krishnan Cmc

Assistant Professor Modelling of complex systems using system identifi... View Profile

Dr Kalpana R

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Karthikeyan A

Assistant Power Electronics and Drives, Electrical Machines,... View Profile

Dr Tukaram Moger

Assistant Grid Integration of Renewable Energy; Reactive Pow... View Profile