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Dr Darshak R Trivedi

Associate Professor Supramolecular Chemistry, Crystal Engineering, col... View Profile

Dr Udaya Kumar Dalimba

Associate Professor Conjugated polymers for optoelectronic and photoni... View Profile

Dr Beneesh P B

Assistant Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Organocatalysis, Tran... View Profile

Dr Debashree Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Theoretical Chemistry and Biophysics... View Profile

Dr Noufal Kandoth

Assistant Professor Photochemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Nanomate... View Profile

Dr Saikat Dutta

Assistant Professor Synthetic organic chemistry, Crystallography, Gree... View Profile

Dr Sib Sankar Mal

Assistant Professor Inorganic Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Polyoxmet... View Profile