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Dr K Chandrasekaran

Professor and Dean Distributed Computing Cloud Computing Enterprise C... View Profile

Dr D V R Murthy

Professor Transfer Operations, Process Design... View Profile

Prof G. Srinikethan

Professor Transfer Operations, Industrial Pollution Control,... View Profile

Prof Raj Mohan B.

Professor Air Pollution: Particulate Matter Analysis, Contro... View Profile

Prof Vidya Shetty K.

Professor Wastewater Treatment, Environmental Biotechnology,... View Profile

Dr P E Jagadeeshbabu

Associate Professor Drug Delivery System, Kinetic Modeling, Nano Parti... View Profile

Dr Gangamma S

Assistant Professor Environmental Immunology, Public Health, Air Pollu... View Profile

Dr Hari Prasad Dasari

Assistant Professor Hetrogeneous Catalysis, Solid-Oxide Fuel/Electrol... View Profile

Dr I Regupathi

Assistant Professor Transfer Operations Aqueous Two Phase Extraction, ... View Profile

Dr Jagannathan T K

Assistant Professor Molecular Simulations, Polymers and Nanocomposites... View Profile

Dr Keyur Raval

Assistant Professor Scale-Up Of Cell Culture, Bioreactor Design, Biopr... View Profile

Dr Belur D Prasanna

Assistant Professor Bioprocess development ; Enzyme Technology; Edible... View Profile

Dr Ruben Sudhakar D

Assistant Professor Energy from Coal and Renewable Energy Sources, Ene... View Profile

Mr S Jitendra Pal

Assistant professor ... View Profile